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Application of Hydrazine Hydrate

Hydrates and their derivatives are widely used in many industrial applications such as chemical products, pharmaceutical products, agrochemicals, water treatment, photographic and photographic products.
Hydrazine Hydrate is used directly as:
1. Used as an anti-corrosion additive for circulating water in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.
2. Oxygen scavengers in industrial boilers and high pressure steam furnaces. Hydrazine hydrate is a deoxidizer that decomposes dissolved oxygen in water and is used to further remove traces of dissolved oxygen remaining in the boiler feed water after thermal degassing. Since dissolved oxygen in the water can cause corrosion of the boiler tube wall, the addition of hydrazine hydrate in the boiler feed water can not only reduce, but also prevent the formation of iron scale and copper scale in the boiler.

Hydrazine hydrate is a highly effective reducing agent that can synthesize the following products:
1. A blowing agent: azoformamide (azocarbonamide) (for example, a sodium azide product for producing an inner tube).
2. The synthesis of biologically active intermediates in agrochemical products and pharmaceutical products begins with the production of triazole.
3. Azo initiator
4. Other various products: some organic pigment products in dyes, photographic reagents, urethane and acrylic products, and bronchocyanate products.

Hydrazine hydrate can also be used in the following areas:
1. Cleaning and refining of precious metals.
2. Acid wash and surface treatment liquid recover metal.
3. Disposal of waste liquid and waste gas.
4. Purification of refined sulfuric acid in the electronics market.
5. Metal inlay plastic and metal (nickel, cobalt, iron, chromium, etc.).
6. It is a prescription product for rocket fuel.
Used in actual production process, mainly used for mineral processing.

Since hydrazine hydrate has a bifunctional group and a nucleophilic group, various derivatives can be produced, for example:
1. Anti-corrosion products provide fast deoxidation and are effective at lower temperatures.
2, strontium salt: 3 kinds of products, mainly used in the synthesis of intermediates (especially in the pharmaceutical industry).
three. Triazole products: 1,2,4-triazole/1,2,4-triazole sodium salt/4-amino-1,2,4-triazole/3-amino-1,2,4-triazole .
4. Aminoguanosine bicarbonate.
5. A new type of polymer initiator, such as a liquid azo compound produced by the company.

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